Submission of a Contribution

If you want to submit a scholarly article to the ZGMTH, you can contact the editorial team at or one of the editors individually in advance. Subjects in music theory from the entire field of research will be considered for publication. The length of a submission should not exceed 60,000 characters including spaces, footnotes, bibliography, and, if present, appendixes. If you wish to write a book review for the ZGMTH, please contact Prof. Dr. Ariane Jeßulat.

For the submission of a contribution, you must upload your document through the online submission form. With the exception of book reviews and articles awarded in the annual GMTH essay competition, all submissions considered as potentially suitable for a publication in the ZGMTH by the editorial team go through a double-blind-peer review involving at least two independent experts. Please upload your text in an anonymized form as an unprotected word document (with footnotes, without hyphenation, and without special formatting). Please pay attention to the anonymization of your text, so that your identity as author is not shown indirectly (such as in a footnote). Illustrations or music examples should be included as a single, separate PDF document and uploaded as well. For any included audio and video files, we kindly ask you to provide weblinks for download. Do not upload these files at the time of submission.

The publication of an article is free for the author. All fees incurred in publication and hosting are borne by the GMTH.

With the submission of an article you commit yourself to the following points:
(1) At the time of submitting your work, it may not be submitted to any other scholarly journal or book publication, or have been previously published in such places.

(2) The submitted article must not be submitted to any other scholarly journal or book publication during the review process of the ZGMTH, provided that the peer review process does not exceed six months. Nevertheless, it is expressly permitted that you may upload your work to an Open Access repository (for example to a Preprint Server) during this period. The editors request an informal notification in this case. The pre-publication of your work in such a repository has no influence on whether your work is accepted for publication in the ZGMTH. 

(3) In initial submissions, the formatting rules of the ZGMTH do not have to be strictly followed. However, if your article is accepted for publication in the ZGMTH, you must format your work in full accordance with the formatting rules.

(4) Your submission should follow the international principles of good scholarly practice, as outlined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). In particular the submitted text must not contain: 

  • conscious misrepresentations, false or manipulated data or information; 
  • plagiarized or self-plagiarized (text recycling your own text or text fragments) material; quoted text sections that have already been published (also in other languages) should be clearly marked as such; 
  • copyright infringement. 

(5) The author assures, if necessary, the rights for the text, pictures, audio, and video sources themselves. All sources that are available online must be provided with accurate and correct hyperlinks (if possible with permalinks). 

(6) After the editor and author have agreed on the publication of the submitted and possibly revised article, both commit to the publication without major delays. Upon acceptance of your article by the ZGMTH editorial team, and your consent to publication in the ZGMTH, the ZGMTH secures the right to first publication. The ZGMTH has only a one-time non-exclusive right to the article. The author retains all other rights for the article. 

(7) If you accept publication in ZGMTH, you agree to Open Access Publication under a CC-BY 4.0 International License.